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The mark of great products and services lie in their intuitability of addressing fundamental human needs.

At the cusp of a digital age, our thought behind every new solution built, will determine the direction of our collective future, making it crucial to ideate consciously, ascertain critically and design futuristically.

Great design happens at the intersection
of knowledge and imagination

Impactful Design Solutions Is Just A Call Away

How can we connect with something which is not appealing to our eyes or senses? Well, this is exactly where creativity and imagination take over. When it comes to having a successful digital presence, one needs best-in-class design knowledge and creative support from the other end.  LOM is one such source for your creative needs! We have inspired several of our clients with our path-breaking design portfolio, which has fulfilled our clients brief in an original and effective way! 

Be ready to be impressed and to impress! 

Why does a business need to communicate brand messages clearly and creatively?

The only way you can connect with a bigger audience is by being clear, relevant and yet by saying simple things, differently! How can this be done? Well, having a design which speaks on your behalf. Whatever be your industry, you cannot succeed by your communication does not resonate at a one on one level with your audience! We, at LOM Digital agency, aim to optimise every user‘s experience and to create hand-crafted measurable impact for all our clients.

From graphics design to UI/UX services,  we have the experience and know-how to help you design whatever is the best fit for your business under the keen supervision of our highly knowledgeable Creative Director, Krittika Marwaha. You can always trust our engaging approach which will help you get a good bang for your buck!

Our team of passionate and bespoke content creators to help you with holistic solutions that will connect with your audience in the first impression itself.  We will reach out to you and understand your business approach and services. Accordingly, we will design the best solutions which will be loud and clear to give you the maximum response in the competition. Clients over the years have relied unwaveringly on us. We create highly engaging website designs built upon a rock-solid strategy that responds to user behaviour and environment offering an optimized browsing experience for all sizes of screens used across today’s popularly used devices.

Through our creative design process developed over more than 15 years of professional design experience, we also deliver logo design and branding that turns heads and gets LOM Digital and our client brands noticed.

Different services of LOM Creative Designs

Design is one of the most important aspects of all the segments. Approaching design can be a complex undertaking without the right experience. Right from web designing to marketing campaigns, you need a designer to be top-notch! We employ designers only from the best Design Schools across the globe or country. We have already served clients with an astounding and innovative design solution which has helped them grab the maximum eyeballs. So, you can always trust LOM for your designing needs which will be something different and exceed your expectations. There is no limit to what you can get created with LOM’s talented team at work.

Services our Experts Will Help You Make The Most Of:

  • Graphics Designing
  • Web Designing
  • App Designing
  • Video Solutions
  • GIFs
  • Creative Content

LOM is transparent yet progressive and will always work more for your competitive advantage. We understand that your business deserves to be dominant.  Our prime motive has always been to give you captivating digital design that goes far beyond the ability to use color, space, images, and fonts. It involves understanding the human response to each element. Every piece is strategically crafted to engage and inspire the next action – and the next, and the next. We help you guide your audience exactly where you want them to go – and convert.

Our designers are always committed to giving you the experience like ever before. Our passionate team is waiting for your call to get started with one of the best journeys you will have experienced professionals.  We are easy to reach and our designers are flexible enough to handle all your requirements just the way you want. Let our designers help you grab attention and to stand out in all the noise online!


The awards won by our projects.

Agency of the year award, best-performing creatives in Asia for e-mailer campaigns.

Started as a small vendor, now a preferred vendor for all offline and online work, except TV.

Currently working with Reckitt and Benkiser for their social initiatives in India – Swatch Bharat Abhiyan.

Only vendor for content development and explainer/product video development.

Currently working with American Express for their social initiatives in India

Adopt change communication for Barclays India.


What our clients say
about our studio.

It is reassuring to work with people who treat your properties as your own and think proactively
Sumeet Singh

CMO, Infoedge

If I have a storey to tell, they are the best storytellers. They make your storey heard and understood.

Design - #1 Digital Marketing Company
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