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Let Engaging Infographics do the Talking for You!

It’s time to “Count” your digital blessings

The time for boasting about your numbers the boring way is long gone – Infographics are digital proof of that! Whether it’s the stunning visuals or creative representation of data, Information Graphics are the ideal format for delivering any kind of information about your services, products, or business insights. Acting as self-promoting mediums, Infographics can drive a hard bargain for your business image. With an ocean of creative formats on digital platforms, Infographics give you an upper hand with a stand apart design and prevent you from getting lost in the crowd.

While one purpose of a digital strategy is to create a unique brand image, another extremely important role is to let your audience be cognizant of your superiority to your competitors. With an Infographic format, you can achieve this target with ease!

An Infographic is worth a thousand words!

Studies show that the perfect mixture of text and graphics can help retain information for long. In this case, a visually-pleasing combination of just the right amount of text and engaging graphics, Infographics can help you boost your website traffic, increase your brand awareness, and gather brand-love from all the digital platforms! The kind of visual stimulation Infographics warranty, a wholesome digital marketing strategy just can’t do without them. Whether you need to communicate some complex data in a simpler way or present textual data in a quirky way, the flexible nature of the Infographic format allows you to experiment as you like!

Infographics have a professional appeal to them, which makes them a great tool to resonate with and build a reputation among the targeted audience. With the power to leave an indelible impact on digital platforms, Infographics are a pillar in bringing direct, quantitative and qualitative value to your business!

Work with the Ones Who have Mastered the Art!

Our team of design and data experts at LOM Digital is built on creative madmen, out-of-the-box-thinkers, and change-bringers! Our Infographic capabilities have enabled multiple brands to enhance their digital presence. From performing in-depth research, collecting relevant data, deciding the appropriate flow, to finally giving birth to a masterpiece using aesthetically-pleasing templates and high-quality graphics, our Infographics will help you bring a disruption that will take your brand to the next level. Whether your brand needs shareable, engagement-driven, or simply informational Infographics, our customized solutions will be an answer to your needs!

Here’s an array of our capabilities in the field of Infographics:

  • Statistical Infographic
  • Process Infographic
  • Story Infographic
  • Comparison Infographics
  • Informational Infographics

With so many other creative formats available, Infographics serve their purpose in a unique way. The brilliant team at LOM Digital Agency, headquartered in Delhi NCR, will help you devise a marketing strategy where we make the best use of the Infographic format to propel your digital image and convey your brand message. To discuss your requirements, get in touch with us at. One of our experts will get back to you with customized solutions!


The awards won by our projects.

Agency of the year award, best-performing creatives in Asia for e-mailer campaigns.

Started as a small vendor, now a preferred vendor for all offline and online work, except TV.

Currently working with Reckitt and Benkiser for their social initiatives in India – Swatch Bharat Abhiyan.

Only vendor for content development and explainer/product video development.

Currently working with American Express for their social initiatives in India

Adopt change communication for Barclays India.


What our clients say
about our studio.

It is reassuring to work with people who treat your properties as your own and think proactively
Sumeet Singh

CMO, Infoedge

If I have a storey to tell, they are the best storytellers. They make your storey heard and understood.

Infographics - #1 Digital Marketing Company
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